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Brow pomade hydrator

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1/2 fl oz
Pigment Potion is a mixing medium that can be mixed with any brow pomade to rehydrate it and me it creamy again only need 1 drop !! loose pigment to transform it into an ultra metallic, smudge-shadow or liner!
Can also be used in pressed shadows to make colorful liners
Or be used with neon collection loose

Directions: Use dropper to dispense desired amount of Pigment Potion into loose pigments and blend together until consistency is smooth. Apply as liquid paint shadow or eyeliner.

it is a silicone derivative that carries a variety of skin and hair applications,
For wetting dry pigments
Used for pressed eyeshadow so you can use as liners

on arm do this to see if you get any irritated

I am not responsible for anything that happens when you are using on your self.